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SDC and its associates bring you Cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate - CMO - the Arthritis treatment that works.

Thanks to our medical research, discoveries
that will become conventional medicine tomorrow
are curing our patients today.

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CMO is now available in various forms, including an animal formulation
Digestive enzymes improve the absorption of CMO.
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Not all suppliers of CMO live up to expectations

We are an advanced medical research and treatment facility offering original discoveries from our own research teams as well as the newest and most effective treatments from around the world - many of which are available only through SDC and our associated facilities.

It is also our skill in combining conventional, alternative, and natural therapies to potentiate each other far beyond their normal effectiveness that makes our treatments so successful.

For any other questions you might have, please read our FAQ page Frequently Asked Questions.

We are on the threshold of discovery every day.

The late Dr. Sands, and Dr. Muñoz


Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls and e-mails we receive concerning CMO, we are no longer able give advice on this treatment.

We can recommend the following suppliers of genuine CMO:

For the UK and Europe please call The CMO Company:

from anywhere in the world on (++0044) 1823 351840     
from the UK on freephone 0800 197 1197
or go to their web site
The CMO Company (

For US orders and information please contact:
Nutritional Health Services (

Our recent research indicates that products containing Sea Cucumber / Sea Slug frequently cause allergic reactions, which have sometimes been very severe. For this reason we no longer recommend any product that contains this ingredient. For your safety we advise that you only buy products free from this and any other additives.

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